Today, we are ONLINE!

Today, we are ONLINE!

The shop is open! YAY! After many weeks of hard work, we are live! We currently are stocking the Small Oval Tethers and the Large Oval Tethers. In the meantime, please check out our Artist Series featuring Jason Goad. Most will be limited edition, so get them while you can. We will be constantly adding new artists. Email us if you are interested, and we will send you a template. If your design gets chosen, we just might make it! Email us at:

But what about that logo?

Sold as a 3 Pack?

Well, to make things more cost effective, such as shipping and processing, we bundled everything into packs of 3. Its easier for our inventory, and its easier for you. Its the same price to ship one as it is to ship MANY! 

We hope you all agree, and if we get enough 'suggestions' we can open up a channel to mix and match, or something to that effect.

Check out the store, let us know if we have any glitches ... 

Hang in there!

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