About Us

                                Monkey Tail Gear USB Flash Drive Pink PNY

The MonkeyTail is an amazingly flexible & rubbery tail that grips, clips, & hangs in there so you don't have to! It also doubles as a great mobile phone kickstand.

MonkeyTail Gear started with a sketch ... that grew a tail. That sketch was turned into a MonkeyTail USB Flash Drive with over 4 Million sold to date. MonkeyTail Gear continues to expand product offerings with the addition of the Small Holder and the Large Holder. Next on the horizon, we are producing the Add-a-Tail line which lets you add a MonkeyTail to almost anything! We have apparel and other interesting products that we hope you'll love too! 

We are a product design & development studio located in Southern California, made up of a hodge podge of interesting people including industrial designers, engineers, educators, & more. We aim to produce beautiful and functional products. Why not have both? We love to make things that bring delight to peoples' lives. 

- MonkeyTail USB Flash Drives have been on the market since 2012.

- The online store opened up on January 1st, 2016 with a desire to expand MonkeyTail Gear.

- In 2019, we began to offer apparel as well as other products to the line!

- Look for a flashlight MonkeyTail to come out soon!



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